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The fascination of fire: flickering tongues of flame, crackling embers and comforting warmth have enchanted us for thousands of years.

The HOELZLI is a stove that successfully creates a way of life that is both healthy and sustainable – the perfect combination of practicality and desire, of luxury and technology.

Thanks to its sophisticated storage heating technology, the HOELZLI not only heats your home more efficiently – it also provides you with a healthy, pleasant atmosphere. Long-wave heat radiation stops the air drying out quickly and dust being blown into the atmosphere.

Your desire for ecological sustainability is reflected in high-quality German workmanship, exclusively using natural mineral materials, with wood as the renewable source of energy.

The HOELZLI’s fascinating classic lines and meticulously-selected colour compositions make for a stylish design. It is a work of art that will give you pleasure throughout the year.

Take a little time to check out the HOELZLI for yourself …

Welcome to Lupino! Stoves are not a new concept – but a small, artistically designed storage-heating stove that makes no compromise on technical excellence is something different.
Fire, earth (clay) and water are elements we trust and have worked with for generations. This stove combines traditional and new materials, such as our heavy fire clay.
We are proud of our product and hope it gives you a great deal of pleasure.

Executive directors (Konrad Kügel and Ulrike Wolf)