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Special features

Effective heat transfer
The HOELZLI transfers heat primarily via therapeutic heat-wave radiation, given off evenly over a long period of time. Other heating systems, such as hot-air stoves, wood-burning stoves and radiators heat the passing air to a great degree.  The room temperature drops more quickly again with these types of heaters once the heat source has cooled down. Constant firing works against this, resulting in overheating, drier air and more dust disturbance. The HOELZLI’s concept is to use long-wave radiant heat, which has many benefits for your wellbeing and health.

Long heat storage

Unlike many other stoves that have to be fired more frequently, the storage mass of the HOELZLI is enough to allow a 24-hour wait before firing again.

Selected materials

The core of the HOELZLI consists of high-quality heavy chamotte that guarantees extremely long heat retention. The material of the outer casing also contributes to storage capacity and puts out the heat evenly and safely. The HOELZLI consists exclusively of natural, mineral materials.

Compact design

The HOELZLI design is both simple and elegant; it is also compact, so it fits perfectly into your living area. There are different surface options for the HOELZLI, which you can select in accordance with your own particular tastes.  The large viewing window turns every fire into a sensual experience.

Easy assembly

The HOELZLI’s modular construction makes it easy and comparatively clean to assemble.  So your living room doesn’t turn into a permanent building site, as it often does with tiled stove installations.

Environmentally friendly

The HOELZLI’s environmentally friendly design is one of its key selling points. Its ingenious flue gas duct in the storage core ensures ideal burning that is low in pollutants. Wood is a sustainable, regenerative energy source. The effective heat storage means that the HOELZLI uses relatively little fuel.

The HOELZLI experience!
The HOELZLI offers a special experience. Both its appearance and the way it works create an ideal atmosphere.
Check out the interactive area of this website and download your ideal HOELZLI into a picture of your house. Or make an appointment with one of our sales partners.
We are delighted to invite you to join the HOELZLI experience. We are confident that you’ll soon share our enthusiasm.