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Heating with the HOELZLI offers you many advantages in terms of health and personal wellbeing.

The radiant heat provided by the HOELZLI is similar to natural sun radiation and has an invigorating effect on the human organism. It gives you feelings of comfort, peace, relaxation and security.

The air in the room remains temperate during the heating process. It doesn’t dry out the air and so you still feel comfortable, even at lower room temperatures. The HOELZLI’s long-wave radiation heats people, walls and objects in the room. So the room temperature can be lower because the surrounding surfaces are warmer and the relative moisture in the air is higher.

The lower surface temperatures of the heat source reduce thermal uplift. This means that there is less air movement and a reduced dust disturbance, which is good news for allergy sufferers. It all makes for a balanced, healthy and natural environment that is low in irritants.

The HOELZLI gives you wellbeing and contentment, thereby enhancing your overall quality of life.