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The HOELZLI meets current standards in heating and energy technology. It adheres to the legally-required limits for flue gas (such as for dust and carbon monoxide [CO]). Effective use of fuel is guaranteed by its masonry heater technology.

You make a contribution towards sustainable heating by choosing an environmentally friendly, closed CO2 circulation in the HOELZLI.  Burning wood releases only those CO2 gases that were stored by the growing plant and by the natural decomposition process. Unlike fossil-based sources of energy, such as oil, no additional climate gases are released into the atmosphere.
The energy required to prepare firewood is also very small when compared to its energy content.

There are other advantages to using wood:

Low pollutant emissions
Wood contains only small quantities of pollutants such as sulphur, chlorine and heavy metals. Harmful emissions from these elements therefore occur to a lesser extent when burning wood.


Firewood is a home-grown, regenerative fuel that is available everywhere. One reason for choosing this energy source is its stable price. Price shifts on the world energy market don’t affect you.