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Technical data

Would you like a more detailed picture of the HOELZLI? You can find the most important technical details and descriptions here

The HOELZLI operates independently of the air in the room. This means that the air required for burning does not have to come from the room in which the HOELZLI is located – it can be channelled in via an air supply duct. This is a very important prerequisite for running a stove in a low energy household.

Of course, the HOELZLI adheres to the most important european regulations:

  • Regulations of the state capital Munich on the installation and operation of individual combustion plants for solid fuels (Solid fuel regulations) (Brennstoffverordnung - BStV)

  • Regulations of the city of Regensburg on the use of solid fuels (Brennstoffverordnung - BStV)

  • Austrian agreement in line with Article 15 a of the solid fuel regulations (BStV), with regard to small furnaces

  • Swiss Clean Air Act (Luftreinhalte-Verordnung LRV)

  • The first German federal emission control regulations (1. BImSchV)

  • CE according to DIN EN 15250:2007-06