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Wolfshöher Tonwerke

As a family business now in its sixth generation, we are proud of our long tradition; it is also the foundation of our modern approach. The Wolf family and the plant have always felt linked with and committed to the local people.  This positive partnership over 150 years certainly plays a part in the success story of Wolfshöher Tonwerke.
Our on-going focus on the application technology constantly brings new challenges. This means that we are not only constantly developing and producing new stone formats – we also tackle completely new areas. Optimizing the furnaces of masonry heaters, improving the physical qualities of chimney pipes or the module construction of the HOELZLI storage-heating stove are good examples.
Healthy growth has marked the development of Wolfshöher Tonwerke over recent decades. New products need new facilities – from manual work procedures right to automatic production. Qualified staff and the latest technology make this possible.
Modern technology also comes to the fore when it comes to issues like protecting the environment and saving energy – issues that lie particularly close to our heart. The use of landfill gas from local landfill sites to heat the kilns began as far back as May 1987 and is still a contemporary topic. We practice dust removal, noise reduction measures, cleaning of kiln emissions and economic use of water. This way we recognise our responsibility for people and the environment.